Pore Fluid Analysis

Combining Cryo-Broad Ion Beam sputtering with Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy and chemical analysis using EDS we are able to image and analyze Cryo-preserved fluids inside pore networks and micro cracks. The Cryo-loading station with Cryo-saw allows performing sample preparation for the Cryo-BIB under LN2 conditions.

High-resolution microstructural characterization of wet or soft materials, like oil/brine-filled reservoir rocks, oil shales, tissue, bio-materials, polymers, membranes.


Our unique cutting-edge Cryo-BIB-SEM method allows to image and investigate the fluid-filled microstructure and measure the:

In-situ Fluid chemistry
In-situ Wettability
In-situ Fluid distribution

This cutting-edge technology open new fields of research, for instance, for EOR screening or core and formation damage evaluation.



Cryo-BIB-SEM microstructural investigations are applied particularly on wet heterogeneous and fine-grained geological materials like clays or reservoir rocks. Other wet and soft materials such as tissue, cements, or medical/biological preparations can also be investigated using our Cryo-BIB-SEM methodology.