Virtual Petography (ViP)

This system displays mosaic images of thin-sections with 10 nm accuracy at all settings of a conventional polarizing microscope from a highly compressed Gigapixel image file. Using multi-scale automated petrographic analyses we are able to segment fracture networks, minerals, pores and mineral overgrowths. Regions of interest can be selected for enhanced analyses like ion-polishing preparation followed by BIB-SEM.
Multi-scale, quantitative analysis of petrophysical attributes, automated analysis of sections, digital library.


Image data
Transmitted light maps
Polarized light maps
Reflected light maps

Pore analysis
Visible porosity
Pore size distributions
Pore shape and orientation
Surface area and roughness

Quantified mineralogy
Grain size distributions
Mineral fabric

Data storage
Digital thin section libraries
Interpretation stored with thin section

Customer value
Added value of the VIP over conventional optical microscopy is the online expert consultation and rapid analyses. The knowledge-based system enables standardized and transparent reporting. Integrated studies using the combination of the VIP with BIB-SEM investigations allow assessment of diagenentic relations and multi-scale evaluation of porosity and permeability.