Selected Publications

Liquid Metal Injection: A Novel Tool to Investigate Connected Porosity and Transport Pathways in Unconventional Reservoirs
Jop Klaver, Joyce Schmatz, Janos Urai
Conference Paper, 2017, 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017, June 2017
Standardized Automated Multiscale Imaging Technologies to Quantify Microstructure and Petrophysical Properties in a Range of Rock Types
Joyce Schmatz, Jop Klaver, Simon Virgo, Janos Urai
Conference Paper, 2017, 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017, June 2017
Enhanced surface flatness of vitrinite particles by broad ion beam polishing and implications for reflectance measurements
Arne Grobe, Joyce Schmatz, Ralf Littke, Janos Urai
Article, 2017, International Journal of Coal Geology, May 2017
Microstructure formation of lithium-ion battery electrodes during drying – An ex-situ study using cryogenic broad ion beam slope-cutting and scanning electron microscopy (Cryo-BIB-SEM)
Stefan Jaiser, Jana Kumberga, Jop Klaver, Janos L. Urai, Wilhelm Schabel, Joyce Schmatz, Philip Scharfer
Article, 2017, Journal of Power Sources, 345, 97–107
BIB-SEM pore characterization of mature and post mature Posidonia Shale samples from the Hils area, Germany
Jop Klaver, Guillaume Desbois, Ralf Littke, Janos L. Urai
Article, 2016, International Journal of Coal Geology, 158, 78–89
Nanoscale imaging of pore-scale fluid-fluid-solid
contacts in sandstone

Joyce Schmatz, Janos L. Urai, Steffen Berg and Holger Ott
Article, 2015, Geophysical Research Letters, 42 (7), 2189-2195
The connectivity of pore space in mudstones: insights from high-pressure Wood's metal injection, BIB-SEM imaging, and mercury intrusion porosimetry
J. Klaver, S. Hemes, M. Houben, G. Desbois, Z. Radi, J. L. Urai
Article, 2015, Geofluids 15, 577-591
Nanoscale Morphology of Brine/Oil/Mineral Contacts in Connected Pores of Carbonate Reservoirs: Insights on Wettability From Cryo-BIB-SEM
Schmatz, J., Klaver, J., Jiang, M. et al.
Article, 2017, SPE Journal
BIB-SEM characterization of pore space morphology and distribution in postmature to overmature samples from the Haynesville and Bossier Shales
Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Littke, R., Urai, J.L.
Article, 2015, Marine and Petroleum Geology 59, 451-466
Multi-scale characterization of porosity in Boom Clay (HADES-level, Mol, Belgium) using a combination of X-ray μ-CT, 2D BIB-SEM and FIB-SEM tomography.
Hemes, S., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., Schröppel, B., Schwarz, J.-O.
Article, 2015, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 208, 1-20
Application of BIB–SEM technology to characterize macropore morphology in coal
Giffin, S., Littke, R., Klaver, J., Urai, J.L.
Article, 2013, International Journal of Coal Geology, 114, 85-95
BIB-SEM study of the pore space morphology in early mature Posidonia Shale from the Hils area, Germany
Klaver, J., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., Littke, R.
Article, 2012, Int. J. Coal Geol. 103, 12-25.
The distribution of fluids in natural rock salt: the key for understanding the interplay between deformation mechanisms.
G Desbois, JL Urai, J Schmatz, P Zavada, HP de Bresser, H.P.
Article, 2012, Bérest, P., Ghoreychi, M., Hadj-Hassen, F., and Tijani, M. (eds.), Mechanical behaviour of salt VII, CRC press, pp. 3-12.
The interaction of migrating grain boundaries with fluid inclusions in rock analogues: the effect of wetting angle and fluid inclusion velocity
J Schmatz, O Schenk, JL Urai
Article, 2011, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 162 (1), 193-208
The role of fluid-inclusion composition on dynamic recrystallization in experimentally deformed quartz single crystals
I Dijkstra, J Schmatz, A Post, JL Urai
Article, 2011, Journal of the Virtual Explorer, 40, The science of microstructures - Part II.
The interaction of migrating grain boundaries and fluid inclusions in naturally deformed quartz: A case study of a folded and partly recrystallized quartz vein from the Hunsrück Slate, Germany
J Schmatz, JL Urai
Article, 2011, Journal of Structural Geology 33 (4), 468-480
Argon broad ion beam tomography in a cryogenic scanning electron microscope: a novel tool for the investigation of representative microstructures in sedimentary rocks containing pore fluid.
Desbois G1, Urai JL, Pérez-Willard F, Radi Z, Offern S, Burkart I, Kukla PA, Wollenberg U.
Article, 2013, Journal of Microscopy 249, 215-235.
Pore morphology and distribution in the Shaly facies of Opalinus Clay (Mont Terri, Switzerland): Insights from representative 2D BIB–SEM investigations on mm to nm scale.
Houben, M.E., Desbois, G., Urai, J.L.
Article, 2013, Applied Clay Science 71, 82-97.
Clay smear processes in mechanically layered sequences—Results of water-saturated model experiments with free top surface
J Schmatz, M Holland, S Giese, W Van Der Zee, JL Urai
Article, 2010, Journal of the Geological Society of India 75 (1), 74-88
High-resolution 3D fabric and porosity model in a tight gas sandstone reservoir:A new approach to investigate microstructures from mm- to nm-scale combining argon beam cross-sectioning and SEM imaging.
Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., Kukla, P.A., Konstanty, J., Baerle, C.
Article, 2011, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 78, 243-257.
The interaction of fluid inclusions and migrating grain boundaries in a rock analogue: deformation and annealing of polycrystalline camphor–ethanol mixtures.
J Schmatz, JL Urai
Article, 2010, Journal of Metamorphic Geology 28 (1), 1-18
Clay smear in normal fault zones–The effect of multilayers and clay cementation in water-saturated model experiments
J Schmatz, PJ Vrolijk, JL Urai
Article, 2010, Journal of Structural Geology 32 (11), 1834-1849
Shear localisation and strain distribution during tectonic faulting – new insights from granular flow experiments and high-resolution optical image correlation techniques
J Adam, JL Urai, B Wieneke, O Oncken, K Pfeiffer, N Kukowski, J Lohrmann, S Hoth, W van der Zee, J Schmatz
Article, 2005, Journal of Structural Geology, 27, 283-301.
Morphology of the pore space in claystones – evidence from BIB/FIB ion beam sectioning and cryo-SEM observations
Desbois, G., Urai, J.L., Kukla, P.A.
Article, 2009, eEarth 4, 8., 15-22