Multi-Scale Imaging and Quantification of Pores in Carbonate Rocks


Characterization of the wide range of pore sizes present in many carbonate rock types requires the integration of optical and electron microscopy. At MaP we developed such a routine in order to capture the porosity in a representative way. At first, automated optical microscopy imaging using the Virtual Petrograph (ViP) allows quantification of the macroporosity. Quantification of the microporosity is obtained by analyzing SEM images recorded from BIB-polished sample cross-sections. Pore space is segmented from the ViP and BIB-SEM image data using advanced image processing algorithms. From the integration of both outcomes we can obtain the porosity, pore size distribution and pore geometry and undertake pore type characterization and classification. Additional Liquid Metal Injection (LMI) followed by BIB-SEM surveys the connectivity of the macro- and microporosity.


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Multi-Scale Imaging and Quantification of Pores in Carbonate Rocks