Reference projects

Research Projects, carried out using our BIB-SEM, LMI-BIB-SEM, and CRYO-BIB-SEM methods, were undertaken with the background of hydrocarbon exploration and production and the evaluation of host rocks for long-term storage of nuclear waste in mudstones. These projects comprise pore-scale imaging studies in:

Reservoirs and seals
Posidonia Shale, Germany; Haynesville and Bossier Shale, USA; Cherts and Carbonates, Middle East; Oil-filled reservoir sandstone; Lacustrine Shales, USA; Niobrara Oil Shale, USA; Rock Salt, Middle East; Tight Gas Sandstone, Germany; Dnieper-Donets Basin Shales, Ukraine;

Host rocks
Boom Clay, Belgium; Callovian-Oxfordian Clay, France;
Opalinus Clay, Switzerland;